At first glance, the electric power plant’s building resembles a stronghold set on water. Its construction, being a function of technology and resulting from technical requirements, yet, at the same time, it is also graceful. We can notice that the designers were people with a sense of aesthetics with no fear of non-standard solutions, combining interesting asymmetry with harmony. It is deeply beautiful, a structure rooted in its practical functioning.

Inside the building, there is noise everywhere, and this does not allow us to ignore the tons of water flowing underneath, driving the turbines. This is not a giant electric power plant, so we are not impressed by its size. Rather, we are aware of tradition and continuity, because the plant never stops running. We feel admiration for our ancestors from 1911, those who designed and built it. It was solidly built to last, just like the control center, with lots of clocks, indicators, switches and buttons mounted on solid marble slabs.

Below you can find selected images from the project. You can also download the free PDF file of "Castle of Power" (3.6 MB): download PDF file


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